Activate your metabolism for better health & shape

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-Scientifically sound approaches of a biologist!

Do you find it difficult to reduce or even to maintain your weight?
Would you like to…
improve health and body shape?
Increase your energy level as well your ability to concentrate?
know how to reset your body to burn food into energy instead of body fat!

• signs and reasons for a slow and unhealthy metabolism
• how to activate body functions and metabolism
• how toxins interfere with your body cells and metabolism
• fast method to detox and to get in shape
• long- term health and weight management
• eat smart and enjoy good food instead of depriving yourself of delicious meals
• how to analyse on cellular level what kind of minerals are lacking and what kind of heavy metals burden your metabolism
• time for your questions

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Maike Winkelmann

MSc Biologist & holistic health consultant

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Date, time and place: January 17, 2018,   19:30 -20:45, 50997 Köln